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It is time for school system to heal

Last week we learned where in the judicial process the lawsuit — what many expect to be the first of a few — involving former superintendent Dr. Donald Jefferson and the Selma City School Board was.

After public posturing, grandstanding and filibustering, the destination for this argument is a courtroom in Dallas County — a destination everyone knew was coming.

Regardless of the outcome of this legal process it is obvious there are core problems with the makeup of our school board as it relates to their ability to work collectively for a common goal.

There is a lack of trust among members and a lack of respect. That is what is most disappointing.

Is what Jefferson did — approving a contract with out board approval —wrong? Possibly. But that decision will be made in a court of law.

What we expect now is our board members to heal old wounds, shake hands and unite in an effort to improve our children’s education and put this unfortunate soap opera behind us.