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Police warn of phone scams

The Christmas spirit isn’t the only thing that grows as the holidays approach. Scams also kick into full gear during the final two months of the year.

Recently, the Selma Police Department received numerous complaints of fraudulent phone calls claiming to represent a sweepstakes contest.

According to Lt. Johnny King, the callers claim the victims have won a large sum of money, pending payment on taxes.

“The last one we got a few days ago told a lady she had won $357,000,” he said. “They said she needed to pay the taxes on it. She was instructed to go to Walmart or CVS Pharmacy and get a Green Dot prepaid card.”

The woman who received the call became suspicious when she was told not to disclose why she was buying the card to the cashier.

Two numbers, (876) 466-8833 and (876) 424-6242, have shown up as the numbers. These numbers, King said, are from Kingston, Jamaica.

“Those are just two of the numbers we know they are using,” King said.

King said the callers are especially preying on seniors.

Anyone receiving suspicious calls are encouraged to contact the police department or check the company’s background before sending money, King said.

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