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Eagle’s return was a great experience

I am by no means an Auburn fan. In fact, the colors orange and blue give me a queasy feeling most of the time.

It’s not my fault. I grew up entirely too close to Tuscaloosa to ever look upon anything but crimson and white with admiration.

Add in the first four years of my life falling during the Bear Bryant era, and you have the makings of an Alabama football fanatic.

Despite my distaste for Auburn University athletics, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the release of the bald eagle at Paul M. Grist State Park and the buildup that preceded this event.

Auburn fans from all over arrived clad in their favorite hats, sweatshirts and other gear to welcome the eagle home. To all of those who showed up, you should be proud of the school you love so dearly.

I was not familiar with the Auburn University Raptor Center before Saturday’s event, but I have certainly done a lot more research in the days that followed.

The work these people do to bring eagles, hawks and other birds of prey back into the wild is truly phenomenal.

Talking to the members of the team that released this particular bald eagle, you could see just how dedicated they are to helping each bird make a full recovery.

They have a lot invested in each case both physically and emotionally.

It’s not often you see a bald eagle flying around Dallas County, which made it even more important to return this particular raptor home.

I think I can speak for everyone who braved the cold to welcome this lost resident home when I say “thank you” to the raptor center for their hard work. Obviously, by the attendance, this was important to a lot of people. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for most.

Special thanks also go out to those who showed up for the event.

Those who work and volunteer at the Raptor Center don’t often get the thanks they deserve. Your support made me proud to live in Dallas County.

While we pull for different football teams, I have to take my hat off to the representatives of Auburn University and fans who welcomed the eagle home.

You should all be proud to be Auburn Tigers.