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Step up to help angels

Thanks to last week’s radio blitz, the Salvation Army has a head start on this year’s Angel Tree campaign.

Last week, more than 500 of the 645 angels were adopted during a day that was all about helping needy children in Dallas County see their Christmas wishes come true.

Those who did their part to whittle down the number of Angels still available should be commended.

Last year, the final angel was not adopted until the final hours. Hopefully, this year, everything will be in place long before Santa loads his sleigh.

For now, there are still more than 100 angels that still need to be adopted.

If you were unable to participate in the radio blitz, if you were out of town, or if you had not heard about the Angel Tree program, now is your chance to step to the plate and do your part.

Churches, businesses, and individuals are more than welcome to contact the Salvation Army and take part in this wonderful program.

Participants are asked to spend $50 on their angels. If participants can’t afford $50, Major Tonya Roberts said toys can be donated and donations can be placed in the red bucket.

Though we are not through Thanksgiving yet, the Christmas season is fast approaching. The donation deadline is Dec. 9, which doesn’t offer a lot of time for everyone to get their donations in.

It offers even less time for representatives of the Salvation Army to get to the stores and secure gifts for the angels.

If you would like to participate, contact the Salvation Army at 872-1646.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.