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People and trees have a lot in common

As I drove down the street this weekend, I noticed the beautiful rustic colors of the trees. And then I thought about all of the benefits of trees. I don’t think that I could survive in an area without trees.

Trees shade us in the summer, shield us from wind during the winter, beautify our surroundings, purify our air, help prevent soil erosion, produce fruits and nuts, provide healing oils for our bodies, timber for our homes, and provide us with numerous paper products. The list could go on and on when considering what trees do for us and our environment. As I drove, scriptures flooded my mind. I thought about the man in the Bible who saw men as trees. Then I recalled Jesus saying how a tree is known by its fruit.

One thing for sure, we have so much in common with trees.

Think about it; like trees, we alter the environment in which we live by moderating the temperature or mood, improving the quality of life of those around us, and sometimes conserving life. Imagine your life without the people who help you stay cool, calm, and collected when you have been provoked or those who lift your spirit when you’re feeling down. Those individuals are like evergreens; they’re constant, staying the same all year long.

Others are like trees that change colors in autumn. They bring excitement to our lives by giving us a little variety. They remind us that everyone is different. Although similar to evergreens, they flourish with green leaves during the spring and summer. However, during fall those leaves change, breaking the monotony of green.

Unlike tumbleweed, trees have deep roots. Tumbleweeds blow away with the first wind that comes along. But trees are sturdy, stable, and have the capacity to withstand the storms of life. We all need real trees in our lives. Those are the individuals who will stand with us during the rough seasons, when it seems like everything is chaotic. So, in order to appreciate the trees in our lives, we must determine who they are and what type of tree they have been to us. But, don’t stop there; we must also ask ourselves what type of tree we have been to those in our lives. If you want to know what kind of tree you are, take notice when the seasons change. Strive to be a sturdy and stable tree instead of the tumbleweed that is so easily blown away by the wind.