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Special Times-Journal to honor veterans

American novelist, Cynthia Ozick, once wrote “we often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” And while her words can be applied to many elements of society, it is the way in which the nation treats and honors its veterans is the part of society the Times-Journal is working to strengthen.

In an effort to document and honor the many veterans living in the Selma and Dallas County area, the Times-Journal has launched an effort to photograph as many area residents who have served — or are still serving — our nation’s military.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, the Times-Journal is inviting area veterans and active service members to come by the newspaper’s office at 1018 Water Ave. in downtown Selma, to have their portrait taken.

The photos — all of the photos — will be published in a one-time special edition on Friday, Nov. 11 to make a very special Veteran’s Day.

“Each and every year our country takes time to honor those men and women who have served, or are still serving, in uniform on Veteran’s Day,” Times-Journal editor Tim Reeves said.

“But this year we wanted to take that focus a step further — actually a lot of steps further — by producing this special edition.”

The Times-Journal, in an effort to provide ample opportunity for as many area veterans to participate, will open at 7 a.m. Thursday and remain open until 7 p.m.

Each portrait will be published complete with the veteran’s name, branch of service, rank and years of service.

“Someone today asked me ‘how many are you going to publish,’ and I told them all of them. If we have 400 show up, we will publish 400. If we have 800 show up, we will publish 800,” Reeves said. “We are not about to put a limit on this. All we ask is that these men and women come in with some evidence of their service, and they will be placed in this section.

“This is about them and their service to our country. We are just happy to play a role in honoring them this year.”

The photos will be published all together in a part of the Times-Journal’s Friday, Nov. 11 edition.

Those with questions or seeking more information may call the Times-Journal at (334) 875-2110.

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