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Meadowview to participate in quick response

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

A local school is giving parents a chance to stay connected with their child even when they’re away form home.

Meadowview Elementary School has implemented QR (Quick Response) systems to help parents stay connected with their child.

Glenda Davis, library and media specialist at Meadowview Elementary School, said the new system will help parents and teachers keep up with a student’s progress from their phones.

“There’s a little code that you can click on if you have a Smartphone,” Davis said. “We’ve got it set up where it’ll take you directly to the school website … to check on a student’s progress.”

Davis said the idea came about from an online seminar.

“I went to a Webinar and heard about it, then we decided to try and use it with our own community,” Davis said.

Davis said the system will be a first for Meadowview that will create another line of communication for parents.

“I thought it was kind of cool,” Davis said. “I hope we’re going to be the first ones to do it in Selma. It’s just a way to keep communication lines open between the school and home.”

The parents will also be able to use the system to check the school’s website for important information.

“If they’re over in Montgomery and they need to check on the website to see if something’s due,” Davis said. “They can check the menus for lunch and see what’s going to be served, they can check on assignments, they can check if school’s out tomorrow. It’s just another communication tool.”

Davis said it’s of great benefit because parents can check in from anywhere.

“It will benefit them because they’ll be able to check the website and to check things wherever they are,” Davis said. “They won’t have to be near a computer to do it.”

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