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Bounty on guns

Because of the growth of gun-related crimes in Selma, Macedonia Apostolic Church and Bishop Robert Pettus are taking a proactive approach to curb the violence in Selma.

Saturday morning, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the church will host a cash for guns program aimed at removing firearms from the streets.

Anyone bringing in a gun will receive $100 cash.

The program, Pettus said, was launched after a meeting between local pastors and District Judge Bob Armstrong to discuss what could be done to get guns off the streets.

“We were trying to come up with some ways to stop the violence in the city, and I thought we could have the buyback program to get some of the circulation of guns off the street,” he said. “We have so many homicides in our city with guns and we wanted to do something on our part to try to make a difference and help the city.”

The dropoff location is at the church’s 2013 Clinton Ave. location in Selma. The program, Pettus said, will not end violent crime in Selma, but if it saves only one life it is well worth the effort.

Already, Pettus said, he has received several calls from people asking about the program and requirements.

Guns must be transported in a clear plastic bag and separated from ammunition. If transported in a vehicle, guns must also be transported in the trunk of the vehicle.

Anyone that would like to participate in the program can call Pettus at 875-5338, 327-0597 or show up the day of the event.
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