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Hunting is a chance to give back

Well. It’s here. Aside from football season, deer season is one of the most anticipated times in the state of Alabama.

It’s hard not to enjoy a day outdoors with plenty of time to think, enjoy fresh air and just get away from it all. There are a million reasons people enjoy heading out to the woods for a day in a tree or shooting house. Even if a hunter does not even see a deer, a day in the woods can be relaxing.

Of course, there are those days when the deer seem to be everywhere.  Some fortunate hunters have a full freezer by the time Thanksgiving arrives. By December, they have put away their bows and guns because they have all of the meat they need and have given away all of the extras.

It can be a sad time for an outdoorsman who has to put away the gear too early because there is no reason to continue.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue in Dallas County. Hunters with a full freezer now have the opportunity to help their fellow man and enjoy their favorite sport all at the same time.

The Hunters Helping the Hungry program is a perfect mix for the Black Belt. It combines a favorite sport in one of the best areas of the state for deer and a solution for the growing hunger problem in our area.

With the amount of deer that are harvested in Dallas County alone, it is possible to keep needy families well fed throughout the year.

Central Alabama Deer Processing, Nichol’s Deer Processing and Weaver Deer Processing have all stepped up to the plate this year to participate in the program.

Hopefully others will follow.

This is a program where everyone truly wins.

Hunters are able to hunt as much as they want without the guilt of wasted meat, and needy families have food on the table.

People all over America are experiencing some of the toughest economic conditions we have seen in many years.

Jobs have been cut and businesses have closed making it tough for many families to make ends meet.

The Hunters Helping the Hungry program is just another way for people to lend a helping hand.