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Company awarded FEMA contract

For nearly 600 FEMA trailers currently based at the Selfield Industrial Park, the next few weeks are going to be somewhat refreshing.

Thursday, Yeargan Construction, was awarded a federal contract — estimated at $1.4 million — to refurbish and repair 581 trailers; a contract owner Angie Yeargan said came at a very good time.

“Needless to say, it was very good news,” Yeargan said. “Work had gotten very slow, so we are excited to have won this contract and excited to get to work.”

In addition to the work this project will create for Yeargan’s existing crew, the company now has an immediate need for experienced contractors to help meet the aggressive timeline.

In a classified ad appearing in the Times-Journal, the company is seeking 20 “experienced carpenters,” who have current drivers licenses. Those seeking must apply at Yeargan Construction’s office at 418 Lauderdale St. between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The contract calls for the company to remove the vinyl siding from the trailers, check for any water-related damage and mold and repair that damage. The company will also place house wrap on the trailers before re-installing or replacing the siding.

Yeargan also said the contract calls on the company to refurbish the interiors of 40 of the trailers, seeking out any water-related damage.

“When the trailers were constructed, house wrap was not put on the trailers, which allowed for water to get in and cause problems,” Yeargan said.

The federal contract, which was reviewed by Congress before being awarded, is not the first for the Selma-based construction company.

“We’ve been doing government contract work for 10 years,” Yeargan said. “And past performance played a very large part in receiving this contract.”

Yeargan said the company has received excellent ratings on each of the past government projects.

This week, Yeargan said her company is focused on getting the materials for the project in place and signing on the new employees so they can begin work Monday, Oct. 31.

“Overall, we are looking at this contract having an economic impact of hiring 30 workers over the next eight weeks,” Yeargan said. “Getting this contract was huge for us. We couldn’t be more excited.”

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