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Old Town to welcome Tea Room

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

An old time, classy experience is coming to the state of Alabama’s and Selma’s largest historic district.

Selma House Tea Room is coming to Old Town to offer citizens a classy experience with tea and friends.

Located at 700 Tremont Street, the tea room is looking to fill a void in Selma.

“When I first saw the house, I thought this would be a great place to have tea,” said Sharon Jackson, owner and operator of the tea room. “We waited around for a year, and now just seems like the right time. The fall’s coming, the weather’s perfect and there isn’t another tea room in Selma. So, we’re looking to fill that need.”

The Selma House Tea Room will have its grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 22 with two servings—one at 12 p.m. and the other at 2 p.m.

The tea room will offer and sell 30 different types of tea from around the world, and will also offer salads, biscuits, sandwiches, as well as scones and other desserts.

Jackson said the tea room should appeal to everyone, but she knows who her target audience is.

“I think this can appeal across the board,” Jackson said. “Men can come to the tea room. It’s very relaxing. But I think the women of Selma are really going to appreciate it, and that’s from all generations.”

Along with regular services, the tea room will also host events.

“In addition to having our regular tea service, we hope to host tea parties, birthday parties, it would be a great place for a wedding or bridal shower,” Jackson said.

Reservations are required.

In order to make a reservation or for more information, call Sharon Jackson at 418-1635.
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