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Selma needs a skilled workforce

Dear editor,

If you ask someone on the streets of Selma/Dallas County, why most major industries have not come to the area, most will point to the governing bodies of the areas. That is far from the truth.  One of the biggest things that keep industry out of an area is the availability of a trained workforce. Local government does not control this.

Most industries have already moved or are moving towards high-tech or automation.  If the workforce does not have these skills, these companies will look elsewhere to locate their businesses. Therefore, it’s up to each citizen to educate themselves in these areas.  Government cannot do this.

We have three institutions of higher education in this area. It’s my hope that these institutions will continue developing programs related to these areas. I understand that it may be difficult to develop programs when there appears to be no immediate need.  However, we must look to the future.

I am not suggesting that having a trained workforce will bring industry into the area.  There are several other areas that are reviewed by these companies to determine where to place their businesses. Most of these areas are controlled by the people, and not the government; areas such as schools, public safety, quality of life, etc. Therefore, we as citizens must get involved and do our part. Maybe more of our college graduates will return if there are more professional jobs. Let’s prepare for the future.

Joe Bumbrey

Chairperson, Selma Area Community Relations Committee