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Be at your best when times get tough

During the general election last year, I recorded a radio ad/ robo call. It was in response to the Tea Party’s mantra, “Take our country back.” My ad, among other things, said, “Hell no, I aint going back!” I was attacked for being a racist for emphatically saying that I was not going back.  However, the Tea Party was not attacked for emphatically proclaiming its intention to take us back.

Before the general election, Hispanics lived in Alabama in peace. They worked in peace and their children went to school in peace.  Now, they are treated like fugitives whether citizens or immigrants. Before the election, Alabamians could vote with identification that ranged from a social security card to a utility bill.  Now, Alabama law requires photo ID to vote. And in order to get photo ID, people need certified birth certificates.  Things are getting real bad so we have to be at our best.

Before the election, unemployment in Alabama was at 9.1 percent. Now, it is 9.9 percent.  Of course, African Americans have long been the last hired and the first fired. There are a total of 198 voter registrars appointed by statewide officials. Before the election, there were 25-30 African American voter registrars in Alabama, the state that gave the nation the 1965 Voting Rights Act which truly brought democracy to America. Ten years ago, there were some 70 or so African American voter registrars in Alabama.  Now, as near as we can tell, there are 5 or 6 African American voter registrars in the entire state.  Voter Registrars determine whether we can even register to vote.  Things are getting real bad so we have to be at our best when things get bad. On this earth, except for the divine, there is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. My mind is made up and “I say hell no, I aint going back!” Is your mind made up? I think that I’m at my best when things get bad.  Are you at your best since things are getting real bad? Let’s be at our best together so we will not go back.