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Fair is another success

The Central Alabama Fair has come and gone and with it, the Selma Lions Club and others who helped make the fair possible can again pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

For more than 50 years, the fair has been one of the most anticipated events in Dallas County. The buildup never disappoints when the fair finally arrives.

To put on an event as large as the Central Alabama Fair, it takes a lot of people working together toward a common goal. There were so many things going on at the fair that took careful planning. There were vendors, pageants, rides, displays and a number of other aspects that required careful planning.

Ordinary people who enjoy the fair simply see a carnival atmosphere and an opportunity to have a good time. But there is so much more to this event.

If a person walks through the parking lot and looks at all of the tags from other counties, sometimes other states, you can see the economic impact of the fair.

Visitors from out of town often gas up, stop by restaurants, and shop for other items. They also make purchases at the fair that raise money for scholarships and the less-fortunate.

The Central Alabama Fair is more than a good time, it’s an avenue to send local students to college, a means of raising funds for education, and a way for people to support worthy causes. To  everyone who helped make the fair possible, thank you. We understand how much you put into the fair and we appreciate your hard work.