Board of Registrars changes

Published 9:19 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Entering a busy time of year with election season fast approaching, a new board of registrars has taken the reigns of the county’s voting roles.

The new Dallas County Board of Registrars includes chair Frank Driskell and board members Pat Phillips and Bobby Willis. Appointed Sept. 15 and taking office Oct. 1, Driskell was appointed by Gov. Robert Bentley, Phillips reappointed by Alabama State Auditor Samantha Shaw and Willis, appointed by Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries John McMillian.

Phillips, who is the lone returning board member, said the office has made a lot of changes.

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“Right now the issue is redistricting,” Phillips said. “We’re waiting on approval from the justice department then we’ll adjust our schedules … we’re constantly registering new voters, getting new registrars trained. We’re doing our daily work.”

And with election year nearing, Phillips said she and her staff plan to stay busy and do business as usual.

“Voting is in March, so there’s an influx of people,” Phillips said. “We’re getting (people) ready to vote … we will run it (the office) according to guidelines set by the state government.

“This office will run as it always had … we went to training this week and have sources we can call to get help.”

Though the job may be a challenge, Phillips said, it’s also rewarding.

“It’s an honor to have this position,” Phillips said. “We look forward to serving the citizens and have good and accurate records.”

In his first time with the Board, Willis, who is also a retired accountant from International Paper, said his appointment should be an exciting one — especially around election season.

“I enjoy it and it gives me a chance to work with the computer,” Willis chuckled. “I like being in the public … we work 10 days a month and we’re slow now, but election year we’ll pick up.”

Driskell had no comment.
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