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Working poor have their backs against the wall

A woman called me this week.  Her back was up against the wall.  She called out of desperation.

Ina’s voice was trembling. She wanted to know who was responsible for making the laws to help people.  Ina is single, in her 40s and mother of a teenage daughter.  She feels blessed to be a mother and truly loves her daughter.  Ina feels blessed to have a regular job.  However, she only receives $900 a month.  She is blessed to also have a part-time job at McDonalds on weekends but the pay is low.

Ina’s regular job is support worker in the public school system.  That is a blessing because it provides health insurance.  However, she avoids going to the doctor  when she is sick because she cannot afford the co-pay.  Her daughter receives medical coverage under Medicaid and that is a blessing.  But Ina is up against a wall.

Ina went into bankruptcy several years ago.  The bankruptcy is a blessing because it stopped her creditors from taking everything she owned.  However, the monthly payments are hard to come by.  If she does not keep up the payments she may be kicked out of bankruptcy, becoming raw meat for her voracious creditors.  Ina is up against the wall.

Ina has given up everything she can give up.  There is no house phone or cell phone.  There is no cable or satellite T. V.  The air condition broke down this summer and she could not afford to get it repaired.  Ina is up against the wall.

The small loan places would just help dig one deeper into the hole.  Every assistance has been exhausted.  Where can Ina turn? I did not know how to help.

I did not know of a single source she had not already tried.  However, I could not just turn her away.  Besides I never know what I can do until I try.

Now, my back is up against the wall.

So I ask you, what would you do to help this woman who is doing her best but whose back is up against the wall?