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Save-A-Life event set for Sunday

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

The local Save-A-Life group will participate in a national event to pray for an end to abortion.

Save-A-Life will participate in the National Life Chain Sunday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in front of Selma City Hall.

“The National Life Chain is an event that’s been held for several years and it’s going to be happening in about 1,800 cities nationwide,” said Jennifer Dobbs, director of Save-A-Life in Selma. “It’s a peaceful prayer time for the end of abortion and the effect that abortion has had on families.”

Dobbs said the event aims to bring the people of the community together and is open to everyone.

“It’s all about people coming together as a community,” Dobbs said. “It’s going to take place downtown in front of city hall, hopefully on both sides of the street. We’ll have people spaced about 25 feet apart.”

Dobbs said the event is not aimed to create any controversy regarding the hot-button topic of abortion, and is just a peaceful gathering.

“We’re going to have signs talking about Christ’s love, nothing graphic or that would be offensive to anyone on either side of the issue,” Dobbs said. “Just nice, pro-life signs that families, mothers, fathers, children can stand there and hold in silence for hour. This is a time of reflection, a personal prayer time. There won’t be any violence or protesting as far as verbally. Just a nice peaceful time for the end of end of abortion and the effects it has had on our city.”

Dobbs said she believes that abortion is not a good option for women.

“It compounds the already existent problem of crisis pregnancy,” Dobbs said “There are other options such as adoption that I think are good life choices for a women facing a crisis pregnancy. Abortion has taken the lives of innocent children who I think could have been a great asset not only nationally, but for our own community.”
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