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Group demonstrates appreciation

Dear editor,

A Day of Remembrance was observed on Friday, Sept. 9 at the Selma Fire Station No. 3, 1500 Broad St. The city firefighters Mayor George Evans, former Fire Chief Henry Allen, Chief Stokes and special speaker Rev. Winston Williams were there.

Our local RSVP and AARP members conducted the First Community Appreciation Luncheon for our firefighters, in commemoration for the 10th 9/11 event. This luncheon was prepared and served to all our city firefighters as we expressed our thanks, love and appreciation for their work and many sacrifices that they provide and perform every day for our community.

Rev. Williams spoke eloquent words with a special prayer for our community, safety and protection for the firefighters and all our community servants. We must cherish what we have and take care of one another.

After the delicious spaghetti luncheon, assorted salads and desserts, Chief Stokes invited the groups to tour the newly improved and renovated living quarters of the firemen. We were amazed to see some of the firemen using the “fire pole.” This event also served as a first time for some of the volunteers, because some had never been in the interior of a fire station, especially where they have fire poles. This was a wonderful and rewarding day, it is never too late to see and experience something different, especially when you are giving of yourself and sharing love.

I trust that this activity was meaningful to our firefighters because we are observing their commitment and we truly cherish and appreciate the thing they are doing for our community. It takes very special people to serve as firefighters, police officers, sheriffs and first responders.

By our actions we demonstrated to our firefighters that we care and appreciate their service to our community. Thanks to my RSVP and AARP members for stepping up and answering my call to show love and appreciation to our firefighters by preparing and serving this wonderful and enjoyable lunch. We all feel that it is always rewarding to help and serve others, because we are protected by many public servants in our everyday lives. Thanks to all.

Evelyn Cox