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Walk makes health a habit

One local public service organization wants to encourage residents of Selma and Dallas County to get healthier, one step at a time.

In its 16th year, The Links Inc. Selma Chapter will hold its annual “Walk-a-Thon” on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Memorial Stadium. With this year’s theme “making health a habit … let’s move Selma,” the organization desires to fight obesity on every level.

“We’re working on trying to make sure that everyone gets as much exercise as possible,” said Links public relations officer Frances Bumbrey. “We’re focusing on obesity, especially childhood obesity. We feel very confident about this … we want to incorporate both Selma and Dallas County. It’s important we do this every year.”

Bumbrey said the walk encourages the community to not only be healthy physically, but to also develop good habits.

“We’re encouraging exercising, pushing away from (the) table and getting away from being a coach potato,” Bumbrey said. “The major target is youth but we want adults to come out too with their children … even people somewhat handicapped or in a wheelchair, we encourage them also to come out … We’re focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.”

Last year’s walk generated more than 100 participants, Bumbrey said, with music and performances from area high school bands and cheerleaders, and a special appearance from U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Birmingham). This year, Bumbrey said the organization teamed with Jeannie Evans, wife of Selma Mayor George Evans, and her campaign “Let’s Move Selma,” to promote a healthier generation of children.

“It will be ‘let’s walk Selma,’” Bumbrey said. “We felt like with first lady Michelle Obama that (child obesity) has been one of her main focuses. We want … as many as possible on the track … to come together and make this (walk) a success.”

The group’s additional service projects include plays and sponsorship of the city’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast in January, Bumbrey said the organization, desires to make an impact in the community. She hopes for a lot of support during this year’s walk.

“We hope we will have more people to come because we are focusing on childhood obesity,” Bumbrey said. “We’ve been talking about it quite a bit with news commentaries and doctors. We can beat this thing that takes our children.”

For more information about the walk, call Links president Pinkie Platt at 505-9185 or the event coordinator Latreesha Woods at 412-8584.
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