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Drastic changes need to be made

My conscience was stirred by my friend Professor Michael Brooks’ article on civility recently. He called for civility in trying times of which I agree. But, it is difficult to be civil when one side or the other calls for it, but fails to abide or live up to it. Civility should be a two-way street.

What happened to the call for civility after Representative Gabriel Giffords was shot in Arizona?

Oh, lets see, that was the left calling for the rhetoric to be toned down, wasn‘t it? Nasty offensive language is okay for the left, but forbidden for conservatives. Conservatives aren’t even allowed to ask questions or require proof of the left because theirs is a noble cause above reproach. Rules and regulations only apply to the conservative side of the ledger. I keep forgetting that for some reason.

I thought it was the land of free speech for everyone, but not so, only liberals have ideas and solutions; how naïve of me. I suppose that is why we are rollicking in the land of milk and honey without a care in the world so long as the money printing presses keep rolling and China keeps lending us money.

Our thanks should go out to the liberals for providing for us since they know best our needs.

Apparently, it is okay for supporters of the present administration to get up and call for “taking someone out.” What is the problem with inciting violence against some group if you are panhandling for the left? It doesn’t even get a word of disapproval from the president who followed the speakers comments, nor has he till yet denounced it.

So, apparently it is alright so long as it comes from his party. Breaking knee caps used to be a ploy of the unions, so I suppose it is back in vogue with this administration so long as it gets votes. After all, voter intimidations wasn’t prosecuted during the 2008 election either.

Civility should be earned by columnists as well as politicians. Liberal so-called columnists like Tina Dupuy and Will Durst never receive the message on being civil.

They continue to berate and vilify every Republican idea, proposal or candidate who enters the field. It is an execution of sorts in newsprint.

By the way, I happen to be an independent who votes conservative. But, there is one thing for sure, unless there are drastic changes soon, we’re all going down together.  Cheers