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Angels are needed in Dallas County

Last year, the final push by residents of Selma and Dallas County to help the Salvation Army provide gifts for all the children on the Angel Tree was nothing short of amazing.

In the week leading up to the holidays, people showed tremendous support and gave selflessly when finances are often at their tightest. It was truly remarkable to watch.

This year, the same demands will be there.

Within the next two weeks, the Salvation Army will begin interviewing families that will need a little extra help providing a Merry Christmas for their children and families. This will give them an opportunity to evaluate the demands, and it will also give the community an opportunity to prevent another dramatic finish in 2011..

Though the Christmas spirit was alive and well in December of 2010, it would be nice to see workers for the Salvation Army relaxing in the week leading up to Christmas instead of scrambling for donations.

If you turned on local radio stations in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you heard their pleas for donations to fill out the demands. On the pages of the Selma Times-Journal, there were daily updates, usually of an effort that was  coming up short.

In the end, it all worked out. This year, let’s not wait until “in the end” becomes a factor.

As we saw last year, there are many children in the county who face the possibility of waking up to  find no gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. This should never happen.

Every child deserves a Christmas. They do  not create their tough circumstances, yet they are the ones who often suffer the most.

This year, when the Angel Tree is officially up and running, give early and give often. Don’t be afraid to  get ahead of the game and help these children have the Christmas they deserve.

Last-minute shopping is one of the most solid Christmas traditions we have. Let’s not put the Salvation Army in position to  be a part of that tradition. Last year, we proved the spirit of giving is alive and well in Dallas County. Let’s leave no doubt this year.