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Political circus less than a year away

It was the other day, spending some time with others at a community function, that I came to the disturbing realization that we are less than one year away from municipal elections in Dallas County.

So, let’s get ready to welcome the three-ringed political circus that rolls into Selma every four years. Let’s get ready to welcome the political hot heads who set out to find the candidates to pursue their political agendas rather than finding the best among us to serve.

I have written a number of times, and the Times-Journal has written in its editorials, that our community has lost the ability for civil debate. All you have to do is listen to local talk radio or attend a Selma City Council or Selma City School Board meeting to see uncivil debate in action.

It would seem our elected leaders are more interested in taking part in good political theater than actually getting something done. It is not enough to agree on who should be honored by proclamations or which retirees to mention during a public meeting. It is the hard work of sitting down, putting aside differences, putting aside agendas, and focusing on what must happen here in Selma for us all to succeed, for us all to thrive.

I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to that have become disgusted with the current political climate in Selma. There is a real feel that enough has to be enough and that our leaders must get down to work rather than playing games. It is my hope those who are in office and seek re-election and those who will seek office, will do so with the best of intentions rather than the best of their own interests.

We need to realize Selma cannot succeed if we remain divided. We cannot succeed if one group seeks to thrive above all others. We cannot succeed if we don’t seek to help up the least amongst us. With all of that said, in the end I am a realist.

I know the political circus will roll in this year, but it’s my only hope they bring a petting zoo. At least it would make a frustrating year of “stuff” a little more interesting.