Juveniles charged

Published 12:39 am Saturday, September 17, 2011

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

A pair of juveniles have been detained and charged with criminal mischief in relation to fires intentionally set on Sunday.

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Two juveniles were charged with criminal mischief for their role in two dumpster fires on Sunday.

“At this time the only fires that we can possibly say these juveniles had partaken in is the one off Jeff Davis … behind Rent-A-Center and the fire next to Save-A-Lot,” said Selma Police Department Detective Beauty Benjamin.

Authorities responded to a report of fires in the dumpsters behind Rent-A-Center and Family Dollar on Broad Street.

After about 30 minutes of fighting the fires reports then came in of another dumpster fire behind CVS and Save-A-Lot on Highland Avenue.

A detention hearing was held Friday for the two juveniles.

“There was a detention hearing today (Friday) for these two young men,” said District Attorney Michael Jackson. “Judge (Bob) Armstrong detained them.”

The two juveniles are being held at the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center.

The juveniles are also persons of interest in other fires that have occurred around Selma.

The fires and cases are under investigation by the Selma Police Department, Selma Fire Department, the district attorney’s office and the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office.
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