Incentives will create more jobs

Published 10:38 pm Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Mr. President:

Your jobs speech was impressive in terms of the glowing rhetoric and your “pass this bill!” admonition to the joint session of Congress. However, the substance was much of the warmed over stuff you have spouted before.

We know that your handlers have ruled out the word “stimulus” after your $800 billion stimulus, using  taxpayers’ money, was a complete failure in terms of your promised jobs creation. You promised eight percent or less unemployment. It is still over nine percent, and the prospects for improvement are poor, given your policies, e.g.Obamacare, and massive job-killing regulations.

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The much maligned George W. Bush’s eight year monthly unemployment average was just 5.3, according to Politico’s web site. The reason:  the Bush tax cuts early in his administration. Tax cuts stimulate economic growth which means more jobs and huge tax increases pouring into the U.S. Treasury. Mr. President, you believe in tax increases, burdensome regulations and a larger federal government. This won’t get it done! If you had wanted to score big in your jobs speech, which must have influenced the stock market to the tune of a 300 point drop the next day, here are things you could have said:

Say that you will push for tax reform with a fair tax rate of 20–25 percent.

Drastically reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest and estate/death.

Start drilling for oil as soon as possible in a move for energy independence

Honor Boeing’s interest in having a plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state

Maintain total border security re: illegal aliens via fence, border agents, etc.

Chastise Teamsters’ leader Hoffa for calling Tea Party members sons of b—— and proclaiming that they should be “taken out,” a synonym phrase for violence.

With over 70 percent of Americans proclaiming a belief in God, explain why the ACLU and atheist groups are trying to take God out of our country, e.g., Christmas and Easter symbols, military funerals, prayers before athletic events, patriotic activity, etc.

Recognize Israel as America’s most loyal Middle East friend and remember the recent New York congressional election when the Jewish vote made the difference in a major political upset in favor of the Republicans.

Incentives for job creation are the answer, Mr. President!

Byrd Looper,