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Soldiers get a second chance

We often hear about the sacrifices made by veterans when they are deployed to fight in wars and conflicts.

However, education is seldom mentioned at the top of the list. Unfortunately, many who have served their country in the past did so at the price of their educations. Many left high school and college to defend the way of life we hold so dear.

Fortunately, a program is in place to make sure this is no longer an issue. Through the state’s Department of Education, local World War II, Vietnam and Korean War veterans now have a chance to get their high school diplomas free of charge.

The program is part of a nationwide effort that has already seen the Selma City School System jump on board.

Selma City Schools superintendent Dr. Don Jefferson also said those enrolled in the program will have an opportunity to participate in graduation ceremonies in May.

These veterans put the halls of their schools in the rearview mirror decades ago to do what they felt was right. Unfortunately, many never had the opportunity to return.

Those who originally put the program together and those who  brought the program to Selma should be commended for their hard work. Receiving a high school diploma will be a source of great pride for those who take advantage of this program.

Too many times our veterans are considered heroes when they return from wars and are then forgotten as time goes by.

This program gives us yet another chance to thank them for their service.

When graduation day rolls around and these veterans cross the stage to receive their diplomas, cheer a little bit louder. They have gone through more than we can ever imagine to receive this document.