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Center honors mayors

Cahaba Center for Mental Health executive director Lafon Barlow and Brayden Solomon examine some of the new equipment. -- Rick Couch

Mayor George Evans and representatives of programs that benefit children with disabilities gathered Tuesday at the Cahaba Center for Mental Health to honor those who helped them increase their capabilities.

Evans and Valley Grande Mayor Tom Lee, held a golf tournament in November 2010.

The tournament, Cahaba Center executive director Lafon Barlow said, gave programs a huge shot in the arm. Another tournament, she added, is planned for this year.

“The mayors of Valley Grande and Mayor of Selma did their first charity golf tournament last year and did it to raise money for special needs children here in Dallas County,” she said. “This year they are planning on doing it again Nov. 16. It was very well attended last year and the money went to local agencies who work with children with special needs.”

The programs benefiting from the tournament include the Cahaba Center Early Intervention Program, The Journey School, West Central Rehabilitation Centers Spec Program, Dallas County Schools, the Selma City Schools and the Selma Disabilities Advocacy Program.

“Those were the agencies that benefited,” she said. “We just wanted to show the public what the money went to buy.”

A number of items were purchased for the every day functions, education and recreational efforts of the children.

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