ArtsRevive seeks shutterbugs

Published 11:52 pm Thursday, July 14, 2011

By Alison McFerrin

The Selma Times-Journal

Photographers in Selma once again have a chance to show everyone Selma, the way they see it, with the fifth annual ArtsRevive photography contest.

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“We want to foster an appreciation for art in young people, and I think this is the way to do it,” program chairperson Ann Thomas said.

The theme of the contest is “Through My Eyes … the beautiful places of Selma and Dallas County.” It challenges contestants to use photography to capture a place in Selma they think is beautiful — be it a park, a building, a neighborhood, or anything else the photographer chooses.

“What might be a beautiful place to one just might be a little nook or corner of building, whereas to another might be the whole landscape,” Thomas said. “The whole reason we started this was to get people to look at the community through different eyes.”

Any age can enter the contest, with the two divisions being K-12 and adults. Contestants can enter as many photographs as they want, but the entries must be 8×10, matted and clear wrapped, but not framed.

“Most people will submit two or three,” Thomas said.

Submissions can be in color or black and white, and should undergo limited digital enhancing, if any.

“We would like for it to be as natural as possible,” Thomas said. “If you can tell it’s been enhanced, that’s too much.”

Photos should be submitted on Oct. 6-7 between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The photos become the property of ArtsRevive. First prize is $100, second prize is $50 and third prize is choice between an ArtsRevive T-shirt or apron — in each category.

“We have so much to be proud of here, but I think oftentimes, when you live in a place day in a day out, you forget about those things,” Thomas said, adding that unusual photographs are encouraged.

All photographs will be displayed at the Riverfront Market, and some will then be kept at the Carneal ArtsRevive building and some at the Selma Welcome Center.

There will also be a display of photographs at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library near the beginning of 2012.

For more information call 878-ARTS.