It takes teamwork to bring success

Published 8:09 pm Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fourth of July fireworks show at Memorial Stadium left many blown away.

The show was an impressive display for a city the size of Selma and did not disappoint the crowd of people who braved rainy conditions to attend.

But there was so much more to this celebration than a fireworks show.

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The Selma Parks and Recreation Department had the opportunity to give the public a first-hand look at all of the renovations that have taken place at the stadium. After months of work, the facility has received massive upgrades to the locker rooms, bathrooms and general appearance. In many ways, it almost looks like a completely different facility.

Monday’s celebration also gave everyone the opportunity to salute residents of Dallas County who served in America’s armed forces.

On a day we celebrate freedom, it is only appropriate that we honor those who fought for that freedom. Veterans of each branch of the military were asked to stand on the football field so they could receive a proper salute from the crowd. It was a special moment.

But what made the Fourth of July celebration especially satisfying was seeing the efforts of so many different people from different cities; towns and organizations pool their efforts to give people a top-notch celebration.

Because these groups came together with a plan, there was no need to travel to Birmingham, Mobile, Prattville or Montgomery for a grand celebration. Everything we needed to celebrate was within city limits.

Hopefully their efforts set an example for everyone that lives in Dallas County. It is up to us to work together to build Selma and Dallas County back up to the prominent area it used to be.

As Selma Mayor George Evans said, “This shows we can do great things when we all work together.”

Let’s follow their lead and do what we can to make Dallas County a better place to  live and work.