Saying thanks to America’s veterans

Published 8:19 pm Monday, May 30, 2011

To start this column off with a bit of honesty, I don’t always know what to write about.

I guess that’s not a complete surprise, seeing as most writers are blocked at one time or the other, but there are others when timing just helps.

With Memorial Day having just passed, today’s column was obvious to me as a perfect time to reflect and give my particular set of thanks.

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In my time in Selma I have been able to make it to the American Legion post more than one time and each visit has been quite amazing.

The stories I have heard passed from one veteran to another, from wars ranging from World War II to Vietnam to even the most recent advancements, have been inspiring.

I have the utmost respect for those in every different branch of the military.

The day my older brother joined the Navy was probably the proudest I have ever been of him in my life.

It was always his dream to join some military service and, upon graduation, he was signed and ready to go to start his basic training at Great Lakes, Ill.

I could never have gone, I still don’t think I could.

I can’t believe that he has spent 10 years proudly serving our country.

The awesome thing about America is we all have stories in our families like that.

Brave soldiers who will do anything to protect their family and friends, no more than their best given.

I hope Monday isn’t the only day we remember all of the brave souls that are here or gone alike.

Each day should be a Memorial Day, a day we think of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and thank those who remain with us today.

So to all veterans and those currently serving, thank you.