Crucial test faces students

Published 12:25 am Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taking tests are never fun. But passing those tests is often times crucial for success.

Selma High School teachers and staff understand how challenging tests may be and want to encourage students and their parents to take part in an Alabama High School Graduation Exam practice meeting today at 5 p.m. in the Selma High School cafeteria.

Mamie Solomon, assistant test and guidance coordinator, said the meeting is to motivate students and parents for the graduation exam beginning Feb. 28 through March 4.

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“We want parents, counselors, administrators and teachers to get involved,” Solomon said. “We want to let students know what they need to help them set goals and pass the test.”

Solomon said this is the second practice session for the school year. Solomon said the first session, which was in November, was a success.

“We had a lot of parents to come out and participate,” Solomon said. “Since Feb. 1, we’ve been having tutorial drills in the morning and in the afternoon.”

Superintendent Don Jefferson will also be in attendance to help stress the importance of this test and the preparation needed to pass it.

“We’ve got seniors who need to pass all portions of the exam and this is their final opportunity to do so,” Jefferson said. “This may put some pressure on parents but we want to make parents fully aware of what’s being offered. We hope everyone can come out.”