It’s always wise to think before you act

Published 8:36 pm Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear editor,

With the vote by Congress to repeal “Obamacare” over and the Republicans claiming a promise kept, there was no real winner or loser, but an opportunity of a lifetime missed.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell’s decision will have a lasting effect on her promising career. By not voting to repeal “Obamacare,” she missed an opportunity that would have propelled her to the top of the political ladder.

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If she had voted to repeal “Obamacare,” think of the ramifications and impact her vote could have had at the national level. She could have gained favor and respect from the Republican majority in the House, which could have been very helpful in the future. It could also have demonstrated bipartisan thinking, a much-needed message in today’s world.

By voting to repeal, she could have sent a message to the Congressional Black Caucus that she is her own person and not their puppet, which could further bolster her status nationally and locally.

Just think of the impact if she had taken her one minute of speech time on the floor of Congress to explain how she intended to make the bill even better. The media would have propelled her front and center and made her an icon. She would have set the stage. The Star From Alabama. Think of the focus that could have brought to the Black Belt.

The congresswoman knew the repeal wasn’t going to take place even if she voted with Republicans. There was not chance of a repeal with a Democrat majority in the Senate and a presidential veto assured.

What an opportunity missed never to happen again. A word to the wise: think before you act next time.

Col. Brock West (Ret.)

Former Selma resident