Volunteers give day of service

Published 9:55 pm Monday, January 17, 2011

From left, Jaycia and Gabe McGowan participate in Monday’s Selma cleanup efforts. The cleanup was part of a full day of activities to promote unity and nonviolence in the city. -- Rick Couch


This is what Markese Hunter, eighth grader at CHAT Academy, believes Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of Service Monday was all about.

Hunter, who jumped at the opportunity to serve, hopes this impacts his classmates.

“I’m out here with all of my church members and it’s fun,” Hunter said. “I want others to come and help volunteer too.”

Hunter, along with members of the Freedom Foundation, residents, local churches and students gathered at various points on Broad Street Monday morning to pick up litter around the community. The team finished at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

For Shelby Nunnelee, a freshman at Auburn University at Montgomery, this is his first trip to Selma.

“I’m doing this (picking up trash) for a good cause,” Nunnelee said. “Doing this shows people that the city is moving in a positive direction.”

While picking up trash may be considered a menial task to some, others believe it is needed in the community.

“Not a lot of people are picking up trash,” said Marla Arrington, a student at Concordia College-Selma.

Alida Hines, Selma resident and volunteer agrees.

“This is where help was needed,” Hines said. “Even though there are so many areas that need assistance, we need to make sure Selma is a great place for everyone and kept pristine.”

Hines added there are a variety of ways to serve and others should remember it’s all about King.

“Let’s honor King’s legacy,” she said. “He helped so we can too.”