Red light cameras are right move

Published 12:34 am Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It’s not often that we react in print to those who would make comments at It is not often that we — in any fashion — seek to guide the conversation a certain way or curb the enthusiasm of those who seek to make comments on the occassional story.

In fact, we offer this chance to thank them for their readership and their partnership in our extremely popular website.

With that said, we also want to take the chance to say to those making negative comments about the planned red light cameras in Selma — you’re wrong, flat wrong.

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Regardless of the governmental burearcracy that will manage the cameras, their operation, the resulting tickets and then the collection of fines, the mere fact these cameras will be installed is a postive step for Selma.

Anyone who has taken to the roads around Selma will tell you that this town — for some reason — has an aversion to stopping — much less slowing down – at red lights.

Pedestrians walking in crosswalks through portions of downtown must now only look left, right and then left again, but also must count to 10, rub a lucky rabbit’s foot, complete the Hail Mary twice and then cross.

It is a problem that must be solved.

If these cameras in anyway slow down drivers, given them cause to think twice about trying to beat a light then it is a positive and much-needed move for Selma.

We agree the Devil is always in the details, but at least the city is being proactive to address a dangerous, dangerous problem.