Balance or myth? Power bands

Published 12:33 am Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power Balance Performance Technology bracelets are said to improve balance, flexibility and strength. -- Laura Fenton photo

Some people wear it for balance. Some wear it for energy or reduced back pain. Others don’t buy into the craze at all.

But the question is, do bracelets like the Power Balance Performance Technology really work?

“Some people are skeptical and then I’ve had some people say they didn’t care whether they were supposed to work or not,” said Kerry Gibbs, wife of the owner of Brown Drug Co. “If they’re working for them, that’s all that matters. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. I don’t know if it’s a mind over matter thing or if it’s really working, but if it works for them, then great.”

The bracelet is claimed to increase balance, flexibility and strength by combining with the body’s natural energy to create strength and a person’s well being.

Brown Drug Co., Carter Drug Co. and Dallas Avenue Pharmacy sell the bracelets for about $10 each, a low-cost option for those seeking health benefits.

“I got it because you hear all these stories and I wanted to get the same results as they did,” said Susan Pouncey, Carter Drug Co. employee. “I just got it to test it out for energy and balance, and yes, it has improved both.”

She had heard stories of the bracelets eliminating seizures, and other people had heard stories of decreased muscle pain.

Stephani Chapelle, another Carter Drug Co. employee, has more coordination since she started wearing the bracelet.

“I see a lot of difference in me being clumsy,” Chapelle said. “We used to run into each other back there. We haven’t had a problem with that since we starting wearing them.”

Carl Bowline, spokesperson for Madden & Associates, said about 50 percent of the people he has asked about the bracelet believe it has helped them. Despite the split in belief of the product, he knows it is a good option for customers.

“We wanted to offer a low cost opportunity for folks to come in there and get them and see if they can make a difference. Anything that improves people’s balance is importance in maintaining good health.”