A message for the president

Published 9:37 pm Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear editor,

A message for Barack Hussein Obama:

Dear Mr. President:

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You will be pleased to learn that you have some strong supporters here in Selma. They go by the pen (Blog) names of “Vonnie, PopDukes 12, Archangelsk and Psiphon.” They don’t like me, and a couple of them want our newspaper, The Selma Times-Journal, to stop publishing my sugarcoated monthly letters to you. I guess they think the First Amendment doesn’t count.

On the other hand, there were kind words of encouragement from “Renegade” and “Yellow Rose.” Thanks very much to you two.

Anyway, I love to receive negative responses to my “stuff,” because that means some people are reading my “Dear Mr. President “ letters and they care enough to criticize. Also, I would love to meet my critics personally in hopes that we could get to know each other and exchange our views. I have access to an ideal meeting place, so please call 875-4653 to set up a nice get-together in the near future. Renegade and Yellow Rose are invited, too of course.

Now, back to the issues of the day. I hear that you have a nice vacation planned just after the Nov. 2 elections. I would have thought you would have had some big White House bashes planned to celebrate your Election Day successes. After all, you are in a “win-win” situation. If you hang on to Congress, you are still in the driver’s seat. Also, if you lose one or both Houses you can still continue to blame Bush and the Republicans for your failures. So, no problem –-right?

I know this is no big deal for you or the liberals, but why is it so many of the Democrat Congressional candidates have been turning their backs on you in terms of your personal campaign support? Have you stopped using your deodorant or could there possibly be a problem with your many bad policies that have been rejected by the majority of the voters?

Also, I have noticed that a number of your key staff people have decided to depart for various reasons. Even though your popularity has diminished a little, this couldn’t possibly be a “sinking ship” scenario, could it? There are probably some great staff prospects standing in line, and you have to be better off without Rahm Emanuel, he with the well-publicized “salty” vocabulary.

You must have suicidal tendencies to send Congress home without voting on the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Now, everyone in business is totally confused about the future and will continue to sit on their pocket books with no incentive to start spending and hiring. They left without laying out the next budget, also.

The future of the U.S. economy continues to be grim, because your policies are job-killers not job-producers. You insist on taxing the ‘rich.” They are the ones who provide jobs and are the major players in growing the economy, thus producing big-time tax revenues. Unhappily, you still don’t get it, do you? God save America!

Byrd Looper