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God sent my husband an angel

Aug. 8 was a regular, routine and normal day for my husband John Shuford Sr. to get up every morning and pick up trash and litter on our block on the corner of First Avenue and Lauderdale and First and Church Street. However, on this particular morning while picking up trash, he blanked out on the sidewalk and was unconscious for about five-to-10 minutes before officer Gantt came upon my husband lying face down on the cement pavement.

Her quick thinking went into action; she called the incident in and stayed with him while another officer had pulled up. He knocked on my door to let me know what had happened.

Meanwhile, the ambulance was on its way. Nonetheless, officer Gantt followed us to the emergency room and stayed with me to make sure my husband was all right.

Hindsight, you know that old saying, “God might not come when you want him to, but he’s always on time.”

That day god sent me an angel on time — officer Gantt.

Finally, after lab and cardiac tests were completed, I was informed that my husband had a heart attack.

thank God she was there and the ambulance driver got him to the hospital on time.

In closing, to the paramedics: Thank you. I’m sorry I yelled, and I hope you understand. I am a retired nurse, and I know time is the essence in situations like this.

Again, thank you all. God bless, especially to officer Gantt.


Velma Shuford