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Watch out for children around schools

Selma City Schools and Meadowview Christian School opened their doors for the new fall semester Monday. Dallas County Schools and Morgan Academy and others aren’t far behind.

Traffic around schools has increased. Children will walk to schools or ride their bicycles.

It’s time for those of us who drive in school zones to remember to slow down and watch out. Fortunately, nearly two years have passed without any cars hitting students. The last accident sent a student to the hospital, but fortunately, that child was not seriously injured.

Motorists cannot be too careful in these zones. Children forget where they are sometimes and dart out in the middle of traffic. Motorists should become ever vigilant, especially when schools take in and let out.

The fall is an exciting time. Old slates are clean. Students look forward to seeing friends they’ve had little contact with in the summer. Teachers and students get re-acquainted. A good deal is going on.

By driving safely and defensively, we can keep the excitement in the fall without adding a tragedy.