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Shop Selma this weekend

Selma stores are prepared for the back-to-school onslaught.

Now it’s up to the rest of us this weekend to support our local businesses and enjoy the benefits of the three-day break from sales tax on certain items.

Some naysayers may argue the tax savings of 9 percent do little for their wallets. In actuality, that’s 9 cents on every dollar spent, you’ll save. Consider the average shopping list of school items: pencils, backpacks, paper, erasers, tissue, composition books, binders and folders at about $100. Then consider uniform sets, about $100. You have spent about $200. Now, most of those articles you have purchased are on sale. Now with sales tax for the city that’s about $9.

What will $9 purchase?

A backpack, a couple of shirts, a cold drink to soothe frazzled nerves in this heat, some gas to get around town to shop, loads of paper and composition books — you get the point.

Then, consider the back-to-school discounts Selma stores give this time of year, so add another 10 percent or 5 percent off items.

Before long, you’re spending less and helping your community.

Remember those folks who wait on you in the local stores depend on your dollars to take advantage of the tax free weekend to purchase their goods. Your dollars spent in Selma keep these stores open.

It takes a village to keep the village running. Tax-free days are just another way of getting a break.

Shop Selma.