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The bouncing ball has stopped

A lot of us who grew up in the 1950s and 60s remember gathering in front of old black-and-white television sets, eating off aluminum TV trays (if you didn’t fix the legs just right the tray would collapse) and getting it on musically with Mitch Miller.

Miller died Saturday at age 99, according to Monday’s New York Times.

The NBC show was called “Sing Along With Mitch,” and featured Miller with his band leader’s baton and usually a chorus of folks singing. Miller invited his audiences to sing with him. The lyrics were printed at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, there was a bouncing ball.

Miller did more than just the program. He was a innovator of music. With Les Paul, the famous guitarist, Miller developed the process of overdubbing. Miller also developed what would eventually become the first echo chamber in a studio.

But it’s the show most of us older folks remember: