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Sales tax holiday Aug. 6 weekend

Christine Rogers shops for school supplies for her grandchildren at Fred’s Hometown Discount Store on Highland Avenue. Selma City and Dallas County will participate in Alabama’s sales tax holiday from Aug. 6 until Aug. 8. Valley Grande will not participate.--Laura Fenton photo

SELMA — This year, 6-year-old Bradley Deaton chose a green backpack for school. Next year he may opt for a blue one.

“I do like picking out the different colors,” Bradley said. “I even got to pick out the color of the pencil sharpener.”

As students prepare for the beginning of the school year, parents fulfill supply list requests from the schools. All lists are available from each school and many lists are also available in Wal-Mart in the front school supply section.

To find all the needed supplies, the key is to shop before school starts, according to Christine Rogers, grandmother of four.

“You have to get started really early,” Rogers said. “This is the time to start because everybody is going to start shopping this week, or already shopping for school supplies. Just get started early. You won’t get what’s on your supply list otherwise.”

Clara Ingram , mother of three school-age children, spends about $50 on supplies.

“I’m looking for bargains,” Ingram said. “If I can find them, I get them.”

She shops at stores in Selma, Prattville, Demopolis and Montgomery to get the best deals, but chooses to stay away from the crowds for the sales tax holiday, which occurs Aug. 6 until Aug. 8.

“There are so many folks out here, I don’t worry about the no sales tax,” Ingram said.

To qualify for the sales tax holiday, items purchased must be within the following limits: clothing with a sales price of $100 or less per article; computers, computer software or computer supplies of a sales price of $750 or less; school supplies, school art supplies and school instructional materials up to sales of $50 per item; and book sales with a price not more than $30 per book. If the purchase qualifies, it will be exempt from sales taxes on those two days in August.

School supplies are available at Wal-Mart, Fred’s Hometown Discount Store, Winn-Dixie, Dollar General, Dollar Store and most pharmacies.

Selma, Marion and Dallas County will participate in the sales tax holiday. Valley Grande will not participate this year.