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A reason we’re fortunate to live in Selma

We’re welcoming 33 women, top golfers in the state, to the Selma Country Club this week.

We’re also welcoming those who would come and stay and watch them.

While some might say Selma is a strange venue for this sort of tournament, we would echo the argument of our city’s director of tourism, Candace Johnson.

Selma is the perfect place. It’s small enough to get around; even small enough to walk around (were the heat indices not raging close to the 105-degree mark). The people here are friendly and will go out of their ways to help anyone from another city.

So, the golfers find a pleasant place to compete and Selma benefits from the tourist dollars spent here during the three-day tournament. Both sides win, in a manner of speaking.

This tournament is well-entrenched, having been around for two decades. Selma should build future invitationals and state tournaments in many sports off this base of hosting the state women’s amateur.

Welcome, ladies, to the Queen City. Thank you for choosing Selma.