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Marion woman writes experiences for book

MARION —Tremillia McCarroll has a message for young girls and she has written a book to spread it.

McCarroll, an author from Perry County, just finished penning her 48-page novel “Once a Bad Girl” published by Publish America.

“The book is about some of the things that I went through in my early years into my mid twenties,” said McCarroll. “It is about the dysfunction of my family home, and how I went from being a teen mother and a high school bad girl with issues, into becoming a possibly great woman.”

McCarroll, who has been writing since she was 10-years old, said she wanted to show young girls how they could overcome pressures of life.

“It details different situations in a young girls life that you may encounter whether they are good or bad,” said McCarroll. “It gives how you can take a bad situation and make them into a good situation. I think this is a book that is needed for young girls right now.”

McCarroll said she spent more than six months gathering material and looking through her journals for material to use in her novel.

Since publishing, McCarroll said she has had women of all ages come to her to tell her that her book was in inspiration.

“Some people have bought the book online who are thirty or forty and told me that it was very motivational,” said McCarroll. “They said it showed them some things they needed to try and workout in their own life.”

McCall said she is working to promote her book by herself.

“I am having to do all of the footwork myself,” said McCarroll. “I have been setting up interviews and book signings myself just trying to get the word out.”

McCall said she didn’t have a set time for her book signing, but the tentative date would be sometime in September.

McCall said her book could be purchased at publishamerica.net.