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ACL keeps softball star off mound

Alabama’s best high school athletes gathered in Huntsville this week and Dallas County High School was counted among them.

Softball pitcher Cassie Daniels was selected following a season in which she led the Hornets to a 31-3-1 record.

“I think it is a tremendous honor for her,” said Ed Miller, Dallas County’s softball coach. “We have never had a softball player from Dallas County make the All-Star game. I believe only one baseball player has made it.”

Daniels, who was scheduled to pitch in Wednesday night’s game in Huntsville, had to take to the sidelines following a knee injury.

“I tore my ACL last Tuesday during conditioning drills with my travel ball team,” said Daniels. “I had the surgery and have been doing exercises at home.”

Daniels said she wouldn’t let the injury keep her from experiencing All-Star Week.

“It has been a good experience,” said Daniels. “If you ever get the chance to take apart of one of these events, then it’s something you have to do. It was just so nice to be though of as one of the best players in the state.”

Miller said Daniels was handling the situation better than would be expected.

“I talked to her the night before her surgery and you could tell she was disappointed,” said Miller. “But she has handled it better than I would.”

“I could sit around and mope about it,” said Daniels. “But that isn’t going to get me anywhere. I came to show the college coaches here that nothing can hold me back, but it is a bummer not to get to play.”