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Local players will put on good show

This week, Dallas County will be represented at the AHSAA All-Star Week by three players.

Cassie Daniels will represent Dallas County High School in the softball game Wednesday and two Selma High School basketball players — Charles Eaton and Malcolm Riley — will play in the basketball game Thursday.

This is good for the area.

There are talented athletes in Dallas County, and the All-Star Week is the perfect opporutnity to display that talent.

State tournaments are a good place to show your skills as well, but that is more for the team. The All-Star game is a chance for individual exposure and to build some school pride.

Selma has two basketball players on the team, meaning 40 percent of the the Saints’ starting lineup is considered among the state’s best.

That’s not bad.

I saw all three of these players during their respective seasons this year, and they will all do a great job.

Dallas County can be and schould be proud of the representation they will give us this week.

If Eaton and Riley get on the court at the same time, the familiarity they have with each other should work wonders for their South team.

Daniels has had no problem striking out even the state’s best hitters, so I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t happen again this week.

I wish all three players the best of luck and hope they take something away from the experience that they can use in the future.

This is their one chance to make a statement as an individual, and I hope they take advantage of it.

Making people remember your name and your school’s name can only lead to good things.

Brian Tynes is the sports editor for the Selma Times-Journal, He can be contacted at 410-1716 or by e-mail at brian.tynes@selmatimesjournal.com.