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Local Dixie League begins tournament play Friday, July 16

Major League Baseball is not the only one gearing up for All-Star baseball.

The Selma Dixie Pre-Major is preparing for the 15-16 year-old Southern State Tournament in Thomasville on July 16.

“Dixie Baseball splits the tournaments into a North and a South,” said Tracy Williams, director of programs for Selma Parks and Recreation. “The winner of the two tournaments will go on to play each other the next week in Thomasville.”

Pre-Majors coach Robert Massey said he has only had six practices with his squad, but liked what he saw thus far.

“I think we will be alright,” said Massey. “We will have a couple more practices before the games next Friday to get better.”

Massey said for he team to win, they would have to rely on solid pitching.

“We will go as far as our arms take us,” said Massey. “We have four pretty good pitchers that can throw for us.”

Massey said his squad wasn’t the strongest at the plate, but what they lacked in size they could make up playing small ball.

“We are going to have to manufacture runs,” said Massey. “We don’t have the biggest guys. We are going to need to put the ball in play and move around, but you won’t see us put up many crooked numbers in an inning.”

Massey said the team is still trying to gel with one another during practice.

“We have five from Morgan, and that helps a ton to have so many that have played together and know what the other will do,” said Massey. “But right now the team is having to get on the same page.”

The Pre-Majors will begin play at Thomasville High School at 10 a.m. Friday, July 16, and play again at 6 p.m.