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Keep family in thoughts and prayers

For nearly a week now the family of Tarasha Benjamin has walked the streets of Selma and other places in Dallas County, handing out leaflets with the 17-year-old’s picture on them.

The family is hurting.

Each day hopes are raised and dashed.

On Friday, friends, acquaintances and family prayed for the safety and healthy return of the one they call “Pooh.”

As the search continues, the community is asked not to spread rumors or report false sightings. These incidences only hurt and hinder the cause.

If nothing else, people should offer their prayers or meditations.

Tarasha was last seen wearing short denim shorts, a white short-sleeve shirt with lime and purple stripes, a silver necklace she never removes and silver sandals. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and has a tattoo on her right arm that says “Pooh.”

Anyone seeing someone matching the teenager’s description should call the Selma Police Department’s secret witness line at 874-2190 or Crimestoppers at 877-3530.

The family requests calls with information at Linda Benjamin at 419-0626; Tosha Benjamin at 419-4381 or Wayne House at 267-8007.