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Watercolor class held today

One simple stroke on a wet piece of paper, that is all it takes to begin making art.

From noon to 4 p.m. Joanna Nichols will help teach beginning artists the next steps in completing watercolor paintings at the Selma Arts Guild today.

“I will be working with beginners and mature artists both,” said Nichols. “I’m going through color theory with the students, then I will give a demonstration and then we will get to work.”

Nichols said she would teach artists a watercolor technique known as “wet on wet”, or applying the paints to wet paper creating a softer feel for the painting.

“It’s a different technique,” said Nichols. “But once you have learned it, it’s great. It’s a great technique for flowers, you can really get the transparency of the flowers.”

Local artist Karen Weir said the beauty of watercolor is its transparency.

“You can layer colors on top of one another,” said Weir. “They are very soft.”

Weir said watercolors take longer to complete than acrylic paintings, but not as long as an oil painting.

“No matter what style you have to build a painting,” said Weir. “In watercolor you start with the lightest and work to the darkest, but with oil you start with the darkest and more towards the light.”

Nichols said those interested in participating can still take part in the class, but asked that people contact her first before showing up.

The class costs $60 for art guild members and $70 for non-members.