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Obasohan says farewell

Fighting back tears and with a wavering voice, Selma City Schools superintendent Austin Obasohan said his formal farewell to Selma City Schools staff.

Principals, central office staff, teachers and friends said goodbye to Obasohan, on Thursday before he leaves for his new Duplin County, N.C.

“We are really grateful for the love you have shown us,” said Obasohan. “I always said home is where you feel love. We really felt true love here. Yes, we have faced challenges, but overall we were truly loved.”

Obasohan said he was extremely grateful for the opportunity that was given to him by the Selma City School Board.

“When I came here, I knew nobody,” said Obasohan. “But you all took me unconditionally. You loved me you supported me, even though we disagreed sometimes. You respected me and accepted me to be your superintendent.”

School Board President Henry Hicks said he was thankful for the opportunity he had to work with Obasohan.

“I shared the vision and the dream for our children,” said Hicks. “At the end of the day, I can say that you had the best interest of the children at your heart.”

John Heard, superintendent of Perry County schools, and Obasohan’s mentor, said Obasohan always wanted the best for Selma.

“I think everything he does, he does with passion, with sincerity, he does it spiritually and does it with love,” said Heard.

In his farewell speech, Obasohan urged the faculty of the school system to get behind the new superintendent.

“Support your superintendent,” said Obasohan. “It’s not about the person. It is about the children, and without the office our children fail. So support the office and rally around him. “

“He was truly a blessing to our system and community,” said Tara Burks. “He will be missed dearly.”

Donald Jefferson has been chosen as Obasohan’s interim replacement.