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Fight ends with death

An argument outside of the packaged goods store on Ala. 22 West Thursday resulted in the murder of a Beloit man.

Rondi “Red” Deionne McNealy, 42, died in the parking lot of the package Goods store Thursday afternoon, the victim of an apparent stabbing.

Selma police have arrested McNealy’s working partner, David “Tag Man” Kendell, 58, also of Beloit, and charged him with murder.

Kendell is in the Dallas County Jail with no bond.

Authorities said McNealy suffered wounds to the upper part of his body near his face from a serrated edge after the two were seen arguing outside the Package Goods store.

“We don’t know if it was a piece of metal, box cutters or sharp-edged instrument,” said Police Chief William T. Riley III. “We will know further once the autopsy is completed, but for right now we know it was a sharp blade.”

The body was sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery to determine an actual cause of death, according to Alan Dailey, Dallas County coroner.

Alicia Carter, who was outside the store, witnessed the incident.

“They got to fighting,” Carter said. “[Kendell] hit the other dude in the face. That’s when he started cutting him up.”

Carolyn Gill, cashier at the store, said the suspect wanted her to call authorities after the incident.

“He came in here and he told me to call the ambulance and to call the police because he thinks that he killed Red,” Gill said.

This is not the first time McNealy and Kendell have argued at this location. Wednesday, Gill asked the two to leave from outside the store for the same reason.

“They were fussing so loud,” Gill said. “I asked them to leave because this is a public place and they don’t need to be doing that.”

Arguments dealt with money, according to Gill.

“They were constantly bickering at each other, fussing over money and who was going to pay for this, who was going to pay for that,” Gill said.

The investigation is ongoing.

“We are trying to get as much information as we possibly can to determine what brought this on what brought it to the point that it turned deadly,” Riley said.

McNealy and Kendell worked together making tags for vehicles out of Kendell’s red van.