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1 cent Valley Grande sales tax a go on Aug. 1

Beginning in August, if you buy a soda in Valley Grande, you’ll pay a penny more in tax.

On Monday the Valley Grande City Council voted unanimously to raise the city’s sales tax from 7 to 8 percent.

The tax will become effective Aug. 1.

“A letter will be mailed to each of the current taxpayers to let them know of the changes that will be implemented,” said Frasier.

Valley Grande Mayor Tom Lee said the city would notify the local business owners about the new change to give the businesses time to make the appropriate changes on their collections.

“It shouldn’t be a big load on the businesses at all,” said Lee.

Lee said the city plans to use additional revenue to provide more industry and add additional security through contracts with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Local businessman Gene Hisel said he doesn’t believe the new ordinance will affect his customers.

“I don’t think it will affect spending,” said Hisel. “If you look at the area we still have a lower rate than any of the surrounding areas.”

Under this new proposal, if you were to buy $50 worth of groceries at Valley Grande Market right now you would spend a total of $53.50.

The new approved sales tax would move that total $54.

David MacPherson, a Valley Grande resident, said he is okay with the new tax hike.

“One percent isn’t going to make or break you,” said MacPherson. “And I’m glad to see some of the stuff they are trying to bring in with the money. I’ll give one percent to help my community.”

Terrell Culpepper, the Valley Grande building inspector and resident, was also OK with the new tax.

“It’s not a whole lot,” said Culpepper. “It’s one penny on the dollar, and the money had to come from somewhere to pay for the things that will help Valley Grande. We have more than 1,400 kids in Valley Grande and Martin Middle schools; we need to have something in the area to keep them happy. It will draw attention to our town and bring value to the whole region.”